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2022-07-01 20:15:40 By : Mr. qing zhu

At MakeUp in Paris 2021, the Japanese-based supplier of accessories, applicators, packaging and full-service solutions for make-up and skincare products, has unveiled a series of brand new sustainable products.

In line with market demand, Taiki Cosmetics has made the choice of sustainability for its applicators as well as for its skincare facial masks, but with the aim not to make any concession on quality and efficiency.

For their new sponges, Taiki has chosen to reduce the use of petrochemical derivatives, without opting for fully biodegradable solutions "which have the disadvantage of being prone to deterioration", explains Alix Bellanné, Marketing & Communication Director at Taiki Cosmetics Europe.

The company therefore introduced three new eco-designed solutions as soft, washable and performant as their traditional counterparts:

 Cellfine, a universal NBR sponge for all formula types that contains 28% less petrochemicals than standard NBR sponges thanks to Taiki exclusive production process adding small air bubbles to the material. According to the company, smoothness and makeup results are even improved!  Blooming Blenders, a collection of blending sponges made of Wet PU, a special material using 20 to 30% of natural plants powder replacing petrochemicals.  Ecoporous 70 (PU), a premium material for high-end sponges and puffs allowing to replace 70% of the petrochemical ingredients by biosourced substances, offering the same luxurious feeling and even application.

Antibacterial treatments are available as an option for each product.

Taiki also launched at MakeUp in Paris a 100% natural origin (lyocell, organic cotton, banana...) non-woven eye patch impregnated with a formula that can be certified organic. Dubbed Eye Patch Cure, the patch is housed in a recycled and recyclable PET jar with a PP lid. According to the company, the packaging allows a 50% reduction of the formula quantity, compared to what would be needed in single-use sachets.

Following the same naturalness path, the company also presented a series of 100% natural non-woven masks made from different types of natural fibres: Banana Eyepatch (75% banana fibres + 25% wood pulp), Aloe Vera Mask (20% aloe vera powder + 80% wood pulp), Bamboo Charcoal Mask (20% bamboo charcoal powder + 80% viscose), Green Tea Mask (20% green tea extract + 80% wood pulp), Snow Lotus Mask (lyocell and lotus fibre).

Particularly impressive, the Black Konjac Mask is made entirely from dehydrated konjac root and bamboo charcoal. Impregnated with 3ml (eyepatch) to 15ml (face mask) of lotion the mask is rehydrated in only 5 min and is ready for application. After use, it just has to be rinsed off with clear water and dried, until the next use…

Eventually, Taiki Cosmetics has added to a new brush specially designed for the application of solid cosmetic products to their One Cut collection. As the other items of the range, the wand is cut in a single piece of wood (red wood, walnut, willow, beech, birch), it has no aluminium ferule and the tuft is made of synthetic fibres.

Several decoration techniques are available and different shapes can be created.

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