3D Four Wheel Aligner Tire Aligner Tire Aligner

VD612 Four Wheel AlignmentStock in China, UAE and AfricaItemsMeasurement AccuracyMeasurement RangeTotal Measurement RangeCamber±0.02°±10°±10°Caster±0.05°±10°±10°Kingpin caster angle±0.02°±20°±20°Total Toe±0.02°±2.

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3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment
VD612 Four Wheel Alignment
Stock in China, UAE and Africa
3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment
ItemsMeasurement AccuracyMeasurement RangeTotal Measurement Range
Kingpin caster angle±0.02°±20°±20°
Total Toe±0.02°±2.4°±4.8°
Rear Wheel Propulsion Angle±0.02°±2°±4°
Max steering angle±0.08°±25°±45°
Axle offset of rear wheel±0.02°±2°±4°
Wheel pitch difference±0.03°±2°±4°
Front setback angle±0.02°±2°±4°
Rear setback angle±0.02°±2°±4°
Wheel tread±0.64cm(±0.25cm)<265cm(<105in)<265cm(<105in)
Wheel base ±0.64cm(±0.25cm)<533cm(<210in)<533cm(<210in)
WeightN.W 156kg  G.W 190kgN.W 20kg  G.W 27kg 

3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment

1. Windows 8 Chinese operating system, the latest version of three-dimensional animation ANS-42 positioning software, label

Quasi-Chinese navigation menu interface, easy to learn.

2. There are no electronic components on the target disk, no wire harness transmission, no batteries and no passage.

Bluetooth infrared transmission data greatly reduces the product failure rate.

3. According to the requirements of high-grade vehicles, the measurement is more accurate and the repeatability measurement error meets the international standards.

4. Brand computers retain upgrading space for 10 years without changing equipment and saving cost.

5. Once the equipment has been calibrated, it can be installed on site and not be affected by the site.

6. The front beam arc of Passat B5 and Audi A6 can be measured by configuring the VW VAG special program.

7. Specific operation method: Four target discs are hung on the rim of the wheel to drive the car or rolling wheels.It can complete the positioning measurement, realize the automatic compensation of positioning data, and make the measurement data more precise.It is accurate and easy to operate.

8. Using three-dimensional imaging technology, it can be fast and accurate without a horizontal test plane location.

9. Multilingual choice can be applied to 26 countries and regions.

10. Barrier-free measurement of ultra-low chassis.

11. Accurate measurement of vehicle chassis data is a good helper for accident vehicle maintenance.

12. It has a variety of matching functions. It can measure the height of the car body, air suspension, front bundle locking, etc.

Adjustment of engine bracket, etc.

13. Menu options have detailed functional descriptions, clear markings and bright colors, which can be avoided user misoperation.

3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment

3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment
3D Four Wheel Aligner Tyre Aligner Tire Alignment
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